zondag 17 april 2016

Ferrari 458 italia

Ferrari 458 italia

orginal car from Forza Horizon 2
Converted By me

.zip file is big because there are 7 versions of it,

1 stock with metal interior
2 stock with carbon interior
3 black roof with metal interior
4 black roof with carbon interior
5 Carbon roof with metal interior
6 Carbon roof with carbon interior
7 tuned version(Black taillights,vossen V305 rims in brushed metal and akrapovic exhaust)

Tuned version is already 11 MB so ,not good for low pc
Stock,black roof and Carbon roof  is 7,5 MB That is better for low pc

car has:
-moving Calipers
-moving steering wheels,that also colored with the interior color
-second color interior


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